Contact- iTalkYou


How do I sign up for iTalkYou Business?

Go to the "iTalkYou Business" menu and choose "Business".
On that page, click the button that says "Start Now", which will take you to a registration form. Fill in your information and you will receive a welcome email so that you can begin using your Suite right away.

How do I access my Suite?

Log in with your extension and password in the form found at "START". After that, go to the "MY ACCOUNT" menu and choose the "ADMINISTRATION" option.

How do I add extensions?

Access your extensions by clicking on the Extensiones icon in the "ADMINISTRATION" menu, where you will find all the tools you need to add or remove extensions.

How do I make calls in iTalkYou?

Making calls in iTalkYou is very simple. Choose one of the following options and you will be on your call in a matter of minutes.

  1. Via the iTalkYou Softphone: Download our Softphone from the "ADMINISTRATION" option in the "MY ACCOUNT" menu. Once you've installed it, log in with the same iTalkYou username and password that you use to log on to the website (Extension + Password) and start enjoying the iTalkYou services.
  2. Via the iTalkYou App: Download the App to your phone from Google Play. Once you've installed it, log on with the same iTalkYou username and password that you use to log on to the website (Extension and Password), and start enjoying the iTalkYou services.
  3. Via the IP Phone or Softphone of your choice: Use your IP desk phone or the Softphone of your choice to make calls through iTalkYou (we recommend using Zoiper). The log-in credentials you need to use in this case are the following:

Username: your iTalkYou extension number.

Password: The SIP code associated with it. You can find this information by clicking on the Extensiones icon in the "ADMINISTRATION" menu.


How do I set up my IVR welcome message?

Access the IVR configuration by clicking on the IVR icon, where you will be able to upload your own voice message in .wav format.

How do I put the Chat and Click-to-Call options on my website?

Click on the Click to Call and chat icon to access your options. Once there, go to the "MY CODE" option, where you will be able to choose the extension to which you want your calls directed, and messages sent by Chat will go the email associated with that extension. Once you have chosen your code, it will be automatically created and the only thing you need to do is add the code on your website.

I'm not familiar with HTML and I don't know how to add the code to my site. Can you help me?

We're here to help you! Send us an email at or by going to the "CONTACT" menu on the website and we will gladly assist you.

If I can't answer my iTalkYou extension, can I have the call forwarded to another number of my choice?

Of course. Access your preferences by clicking on the Redirecionar Anexo ? icon. You can choose the number to which you need your calls transferred. Keep in mind that this will generate charges, so you need to have money in your account. Or you can sign up for a Plan for your frequently dialed numbers so that your calls can be redirected correctly.


I need my clients from a particular country to contact me. Can I activate a line in that country?

Of course. Log in by clicking on the Dids icon, and once inside you can add all the entry numbers (DID) that you need – the platform will show you the cost for each line and will give you the option to accept the charges. Once you have completed this process, your line will be available.

How do I use iTalkYou Rooms?

If you have the Free Suite, you have five sessions at no cost to try out the service – all you need to do is log in from the iTalkYou Rooms icon.

How do I get the iTalkYou App?

Download it from your Play Store. At the moment it is only available for Android devices.

Why does the chat show "Insecure Message / Omitted Content"?

Since 2.3.8 Android App version, 1.0.5 iOS version and latest WebChat version, our chat messages have been encrypted at the end of the conversation. This guarantees messages to travel illegibly through the network and stored in our servers as backup, in this case these messages will be unreadable

If you are chatting with a person who has an outdated version with no encryption, for security reasons, their messages will be discarded and a warning sign will be shown instead. The original message will be lost, then you must update the mobile app or clean the cache on your web browser and refresh the web.