¿What is Click to Call?

Click to Call or C2C is a functionality that allows you to receive calls from visits to your website directly to your smartphone or computer. It's only necessary to install the code of your account and you can be available for your clients whenever you want.

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Benefits of having iTalkYou

Our suite allows you to have different benefits integrated into a single platform, which will help you improve your company's communications.

Platform web

All users can access from our website.

Simple integration

Starting to use iTalkYou is very easy and fast. Set up your account in three steps.

Integration with your website

Copy some lines of code on your website and start counting the benefits.

Goodbye to contracts

One month or one year? you decide how long you want to use the platform.

Benefits of using a Cloud PBX
Sign up for free, you don't need a credit card

Discover the potential of our platform for your business

Videoconferences, low cost calls, extensions, IVR, click to call (C2C), web chat, virtual numbers (DID) and more.

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